Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - what it means to me.

 Veterans day - I asked for a half day off to pray for the veterans still serving our country. Now, I do not have a license plate or stickers on my bumper. I did serve during the Vietnam war (8years) a veteran and my wife Frances (Liz) did serve in the army as a medic in a MASH unit. We do not however live in the past and glorify in these epics. I do not wear war pins and hats , all my medals and ribbons are buried in my garden. We live for today to serve our community - my wife is a nurse and I minister to elderly at bedsides and deal with grieving families. Often visit hospitals and when I left work today that  was my intention but ended up spending time with my grand children.
  War is not something you dwell on - it was just another part of our lives. My family and community are grateful for those still serving and some are nieces and nephews. We keep in touch on a regular basis not just on Veterans day. Today a friend who became a Major- General spent the day with Barack Obama, it was nice to see him home from war to be honored. I remember being at his fathers bed side and praying with him before he died. He took my wife to the prom when they were young and we followed his career, his brother was my sons god father. My father was a Korean War veteran serving under MacArthur as his aide.
 Veterans Day - is for honoring those still serving and veterans that have served. I will tell you my prayers are continually with them not just on a single day, so it almost eludes me as a holiday except my wife works for the state and gets the day off. I think that war should be a last action and only for defense and therefore do not relish in it. I remember a few young men who could not deal with the post traumatic stress and ended their lives leaving behind small children. It is a sad loss especially when they made it home only to not be able to matriculate back to society,one was a co-workers son. I had a few friends who were Vietnam vets and were homeless one stayed with me for awhile, then ended up living with his mother on serious medication, we are still in touch through emails. I turned to Jesus and the Lord helped me to deal with the stress but it also helped to bury the ribbons and medals in the garden.
 I am glad that many of our soldiers are coming home but also know the reality of the scars war leaves on a person. We need be prepared as a nation to deal with those scars , the invisible ones. -peace.

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