Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Position of Disposition

 Often we are not in a position to have freedom to think , to weigh our thoughts. Family obligations , work loads and projects. No time for reflection or prayer, we find ourselves in bed trying to pray and reflect half asleep. In reality the best time to pray is at least two hours before bed time. It often will set the stage for a rest full nights sleep. I found this out after getting caught up in life and thinking I would pray myself to sleep as we were taught as children, Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake , I pray the Lord my soul to take. Yes- I remember that child hood prayer.
 If you ask the experts bed time is not the time to pray, it is the time to rest and allow your mind and body to heal. Please try this method of praying two hours ahead of bed time to see if that helps even if it seems inconvenient. I think God will enjoy your company more if you are not yawning and making it an afterthought. I once heard a Methodist minister say we must pray face down outstretched on the floor, others say the kneeling position with hands clenched is best. Some pray in the lotus meditation position. I often pray sitting in my chair with eyes closed , back straight as if just in a conversation with a friend. It may seem odd or irreverent and some even pray while walking down a garden path or nature trail, alongside a brook. Some need to be a chapel or at an altar -it is not really important where or what position we pray. The attitude is most important - I often recite the Lords prayer as Jesus taught and then say a personal prayer, for the world , then community , then family and friends and lastly my own needs. By the time I get to my own needs they seem small in comparison.
  We often read scriptures for meditation on spiritual teaching. I usually separate prayer and meditation as one would learning and communicating. In meditation I listen ,read and learn. In prayer it seems a time to talk to God. I was once told Jesus is not our friend , he is God. But that is not scriptural for throughout the bible new testament Jesus does not ask for worship, he asks for friendship. "No longer will you be my servants but my friends." We should be humble but also not be disposed for Christ died for us , he intercedes as our friend. I do not feel separated from Jesus , and will always treasure our friendship even as he is Lord, he is also a friend. -peace.

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